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Fit4Her_Bag_Chocolate Fit4Her Complete nutrition product for Women by Four Austins Inc. Texas

Complete nutrition product

for Women

Fit4Her was developed Specifically for Women.  After months of research we identified key areas of nutrition where women in the United States are lacking.

Fit4Her was developed not only to meet those needs but also provides a complete blend of vitamins and minerals, protein, fiber and carbohydrates. We also include Transfer Factor and probiotics. Transfer factor is a patented formula that helps keep the Immune and digestive system at a very healthy level. We are currently the only product in the world that contains Transfer factor with Probiotics.

Fit4Her is for any women serious about complete nutritional health.

Transfer Factor with Probiotics for the immune system. A healthy immune system is critical to your overall Health. Fit4Her_Bag_vanilla Fit4Her Complete nutrition product for Women by Four Austins Inc. TexasA healthy immune system protects the body from sickness and disease. It also provides life sustaining nutrition for the entire body. Good nutrition is used as the building blocks of billions cells the body creates every day.

When the immune system is weakened or stressed the body suffers in Health, development and recovery.

Transfer Factor helps the body identify and remove bad bacteria, virus and other
Harmful cells that are introduced to the body every day.

The two probiotics are for a Women’s digestive health and the second, yeast infection.

Vitamin and Mineral Blend
The vitamin and mineral blend included in Fit4Her is specifically designed for the needs of women and exceed the minimum required by the FDA, and will replace a daily multi vitamin mineral regimen.

Multiple sources of Protein
4 sources of natural high quality Proteins to support and develop muscle, brain function and tissue development

We provide a healthy blend of carbohydrates. The role of carbohydrates is to provide energy, as they are the body’s main source of fuel, needed for physical activity, brain function and operation of the organs.

Whole Chia seeds
Provides Omega 3, B complex, fiber, protein, helps with digestion, hydration and endurance

Per Serving: 16g protein & 140 calories & 5.5g Fiber

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