Austin Leg Drive Testimonials

"The Austin Leg Drive takes it to another level"
Joey Batson
Director, Strength and Conditioning Clemson University
"The most complete football specific-position specific machine on the market."
John Sisk
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Vanderbilt University
"The Austin Legdrives are a vital part of our overall strength and conditioning program at the University of Florida. The Legdrives are great for power development and explosiveness."
Mickey Marotti
Director of Strength and Conditioning Florida University
"The Legdrive transforms the playing field to the weight room."
Dana LeDuc
12 years as an NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach, following a distinguished 18 years with the University of Texas Longhorns.
"I have used the Austin Legdrive since 1994. It has been an advantage to our programs at the last two schools I've been at."
Chad Rodgers
Head Coach - Snyder High School in Snyder, Texas
"...the Legdrive is very useful in assisting our athletes in transferring explosive training to the playing field as well as allowing injured athletes to compete while still on the path to recovery."
John Archer
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Nevada (Reno)
"I, Coach Ken Coggins, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, am very honored to have the state of the art top leg training equipment bar none. It doesn't get any better than the Austin Super Leg Drive Machine! We are looking forward to changing the culture with the use of these machines."
Ken Coggins
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Nevada (Reno)