Austin Leg Drives are for Leg Strength Training!

Austin Leg Drives emphasizes multiple joint movements as well as triple extension. The machine allows your athletes to develop the upper and lower body in a natural movement specifically for football as well as for other sports like basketball, track and swimming.

Our leg drive machine provides weight resistance and forward movement of the upper and lower body and uses negative resistance during the backward movement of the work out.

Quicker Starts

Austin Leg Drives help players develop quicker starts and strengthens isolated muscles that are used for specific positions. The “on-the-rise” movement pad provides upper body development for hand and arm movements.

Austin Leg Drives simulate a player driving “forcefully” off the ball. The sled like machines can be utilized by all sports during all seasons. It is truly the best machine on the market for “Total Body Fitness”, as well as “Mental Toughness”.

Helps swimmers, basketball and other sports!

Austin Leg Drives are used by swim team coaches to help their swimmers get a better launch off the platform. Austin Leg Drives are also helpful to basketball players to develop vertical leaping strength. They help track runners build explosive starts and wrestlers develop the leg power needed to drive an opponent to the mat!