Austin Leg Drives come in these sizes

Austin Leg Drive Sizes:
Super 105 (4′ wide X 7′ long)
Super 107 (4′ wide X 10′ long)
Super 108 (4′ wide X 12′ long)
Super 110 (4′ wide X 16′ long)
Super 109 (4′ wide X 20′ long)

The Austin Leg Drive emphasizes multiple joint movements as well as triple extension. The machine allows your athletes to develop the upper and lower body in a natural movement specifically for football as well as for other sports like basketball, track and swimming.

Our leg drive machine provides weight resistance and forward movement of the upper and lower body and uses negative resistance during the backward movement of the work out.

The Austin Leg Drive develops quicker starts and strengthens isolated muscles that are used for specific positions. The “on-the-rise” movement pad provides upper body development for hand and arm movements.

The Austin Leg Drive simulates a player driving “forcefully” off the ball. The sled like machine can be utilized by all sports during all seasons. It is truly the best machine on the market for “Total Body Fitness”, as well as “Mental Toughness”.

What an Austin Leg Drive client says:

“The Austin Leg Drive has been an important addition to our facilities.

We currently have 10 of the 20 foot machines in our weight rooms at the high school. We also have one 7 foot machine on each of our middle school campuses.

When using the Austin Leg Drive your players are developing functional strength in their Hip Extensors, Gluteus Maximus, Hamstrings, Quadriceps and Calves. The Leg drive also engages their Shoulders, Triceps, Abdominals, and Obliques. The strengthening of this muscle groups and related joints allows for increased acceleration, explosiveness and power.

We feel like the Austin Leg Drive has been an instrumental part of our success here at Allen High School. We think that it has given our players confidence to finish their blocks and run through contact. Our players are also in great condition because they have learned to explode on each rep at max effort. That max effort has been translated to the field of play.”

Mike Carter
Strength Coordinator/ O-Line
Allen High School, Allen Texas
Texas State Champions 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014