How The Austin Leg Drive Started

After inventing the legendary “Austin Shoulder Pad” in the 1970’s, the late Russell “Stogie” Austin, had ambitions of creating bigger and better sports conditioning equipment. His creative ideas and inventions came to life as Austin Sporting Goods was created in the early 1980’s.


Austin built a successful business, creating the Austin Super Leg Drive, which, after years of production and innovative change, has the become the choice of major sports programs in every level of virtually every sport.

Each unit is produced by Four Austin’s Inc. every step in the process is closely supervised and inspected to insure top quality and durability. When you contact us, you contact people who take great pride in your satisfaction!

Now Austin Leg Drives are in use in athletic programs from junior high and high school to collage and professional football from coast to coast. For example The Texas State Football Champions in 2012, 2013, and 2014 Allen High School Eagles, use Austin Leg Drives to help their teams reach top condition.

We offer the best warranty in the business

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and all welds on the leg drive. 7 years warranty on all wheels. 5 year warranty on tee pad. 10 Year on Mat. Warranty is voided if machine is kept outside.